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Either taking a new job assignement as expatriate and looking for a property for sale to welcome your family or just searching interesting properties investment opportunities in a price rising market.., We have listed the online resources that will help you in your search : apartment, a house or a villa on sale in Hong Kong. Hong Kong real estate market is one of those that give wise investors the highest rewards... The property price rising trend is supposed increase in the coming years with the development and the opening of Chinese economy. The information provided has been manually collected and may not be accurate. If so please inform us by e-mail.

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First time in China ? May be the best option is to rent first : See our Hong Kong apartment rentals

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If you plan to move to Hong Kong and want to buy a property in the city please contact a professional real estate consultancy dedicated to providing integrated and customized real estate services. : one-stop information center offering comprehensive Hong Kong prestigious residential real estate knowledge, facts and updates : Jones Lang LaSalle is one of the world's leading real estate services and money management firms, committed to delivering exceptional strategic, fully-integrated services for property owners, investors and occupiers. : Knight Frank Petty is a major player in Hong Kong and China property markets, offering high quality professional advice. : (a part of the Sallmanns group of services) is a dedicated personal service company, offering extensive support and assistance to both corporate and individual clients. : Official website of Hong Kong Real Estate agents

What is For Sale By Owner Real Estate?

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a term that is used to refer to real estate, usually residential homes, which are being sold by the owner without the help of a real estate agent or broker. The allure of the “For Sale By Owner” method is the opportunity for the home seller to save money by not having to pay a commission to a real estate agent upon the sale of their property.

Relocating to Hong Kong

If you plan to rent or buy a property in Hong Kong, finding your property will be a major step in your relocation to China most amazing city. If you have not lived in China yet, you should rent rather than buy your property, at least for six months.

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We have listed a few of them. Chinese Real Estate Market is ruled by strict laws you must be aware of.
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